An afternoon with Nick Bright

I thought it might be good to show the casual destruction that occurs on just a regular session with Nick. All these photos were in a few tries at most. No fuss, no showboating or testers….just throwing down. Meadow Heights bowl and then Fawner

nick bright


blunt nick bright

Popping out of a blunt every try

Cunnaz tim cunneen nick bright

So Cunnaz and Nick thought this would be fun! Back tail & Blunt

nick bright beanplant

This is heavy. Not even plugged! Beanplant to fakie

nick bright fs rock

First try on the extension

nick bright tailbone

Flapping out a Frontside tailbone

nick bright fawkner

And then we went to Fawkner for a wind down. Krook bonk on ungrindable terrain

nick bright

The pop out on the K bonk! Stylin’

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