This has been a hell of a year. I have felt like a caged animal, constricted and under immense pressure. There was misplaced guilt to purge and emotions I have not experienced to process.

The way I feel free and at peace is to hit the road with my skateboard. Driving itself is meditative. I always seek out the twisty old back roads over the boring freeways. All I wanted was solitude and the open road.

Rather than bombard with 100’s of photos I thought it best to break up the trip a bit.

Milthorpe is a historic little food and wine town of less than a 1000 people. It has my new favourite park. It is a rad bowl with a cradle that served me up good and proper. It has a pump track around the platform that has bumps, noping tranny, hips, hubbas and a proper jersey.

A few images from my stay.











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