Respect Where Due: Josh “Morph” Malthus

Over the many years I have known Morph he has always held the throttle wide open. Full speed, one hundred percent committed and head first. There is no hesitation of caution about his skateboarding, and he is not intimidated by brutal terrain. He will cop a beating on a trick that will make your eyes water, he won’t stop until he rolls away in his trademark crouched style.

All these photographs were taken over a couple of days on the road in the South Island of New Zealand. He was nursing an injury, I had seen him a couple of months before with a full cast on his ankle to his knee and a cane. That didn’t stop him rolling into Lynfield bowl!

He may look like a Warlock’s understudy, but he is a kind hearted, considered bloke and loyal to his friends.

Hope to roll with you again soon mate

Textbook boosted boneless

Then a 270 boneless one

Stalefish in Grom Boy’s front yard

A very loud layback smith

Layback five 0 on a brutal vert wall.

Flapped out frontside air

Mild in the Streets. 42, Don’t Panic

Since I turned 40 I have tasked myself with getting a few skate photos together, with my birthday being the deadline. Perhaps one day I can stitch my face in each of them together into a time lapse, so you can see me turn into Voldemort from Billie Corgan.

Underwhelming as it is, I am ok with my skateboarding. I know where my level fits into the greater scheme of things and these are my limits to push. Is what it is.

Thank you to my old friend Duncan Ewington for his patience and for always coming through with excellent photographs. I’m sure going to miss our regular rolls and your stoke.

I work pretty hard to maintain my pop. I have a weird looking pre skate stretch routine. I try not to make eye contact during it. Ollie into some cool obstacle

Back boneless on a roof. “You should get higher” Yeah sure, you go skate it.

Arty tail block on a crusty spot

Slappy stand up. The best feeling trick ever. This was on a solid 8/10 hangover

I’ve seen some heavy stuff go down on this. This is just an ollie

You have to go super fast into this. I landed proper on both my shins going pretty quick so I was so stoked to roll away. Slappy fifty fifty onto the road

NSC Xmas Bash 2017

Nothing better than hitting the road. Disagree? Your opinion is invalid. It is a spec in the distance of the rear view mirror. Shrinking, disappearing. Like the troubles, anxieties or fucks to be given.

It hasn’t been as easy to get the crew together. I’m putting it down to the silly season and newborns and so forth. Once the dust settles on 2017 crew should be easier to muster. I bloody hope so.

Anyhow, we headed North East across to the alpine grazing region of the state, to drink beer, eat BBQ, heckle our friends lying in pain on the concrete and occasional skateboarding.

These guys had the right idea, except they were taking away all the good bits about motorcycles and adding a death pod. I snapped this whilst eating an AM pie.

First stop Yea. Scotty swept after hooning through Flowerdale in his SS ute. Cheers for driving mate!

Old mate turned up in a bee-keeper hat

On to Mansfield. It is a chilled little park in a sleepy tourist town. We begun to make the place our own with an urban camping attitude and gypsy flair

The kicker to kicker was longer than most. Kinda challenging. Old mate Gez emerged from the forest to snag it

Bristol battled for it. It was his 32 birthday we were celebrating

Jake rocked up with a fresh haircut and killer new whip. Steezed

Cunnaz 180

Street Morris is on a warpath. Back 180

Boardie to fakie first shot

Scotty ripping the gap from the bowl

Cunnaz is always going to kill it

Fiddy on Mr Plow


Bonk to melon


We lit the place up, shared (mostly) the same old yarns and showered under a livestock bore. We camped in a school yard due to a lack of options. The next day we found a hangover cure and washed away our shame.

Thanks gents, always a pleasure

Kook Pool

Now I’m not about to enter into the name of the pool or any of that. That is what it was known as. Cheers to those that scoped it out and made it rideable.

Pools in Australia are usually small, bathtub sized transition and pretty difficult to skate. This one was indeed a harsh old matron of a thing. Rough, a bit slippery, tight as fuck… and Shane Macgowan teeth for coping. It was one of the best ones found in Melbourne though for the last decade.

The forecast was grim. Drizzle all day and little hope. As far as I knew it was a goner and we had one day to give it a crack. We gathered the crew and ignored the BOM radar and headed west.

The house was being demolished and was half done. There was no reason for a bunch of us to be filing inside. We aren’t really discrete even when we try! The older Vietnamese neighbours were standing in their front yard as our black vehicles pulled in and tattooed up skateboarders emerged.

Somehow, the newspapers did the job and we got some. The pool lasted a lot longer than expected. The workmen dropped in to say g’day a couple of times without any worries.

Precision drying tools

The drizzle ceased and the session commenced

Getting over the light was the first order of business. Chris


There’s going to be a lot of frontside grind photographs. It is the best feeling trick and charging one in a backyard pool is one of the best feelings ever on a skateboard. Getting one in this pool is no joke. It was super tight and loads of vert. Bristol fought for it and won.

Tom Rees, full power

There are few that make skateboarding look as good as Anton Jeandet. Barging through three or four pavers.

Cunnaz is always going to give it a solid nudge

Pivot on a serious amount of vert

Threading a line through the top step and jagged pavers was super difficult. I had a street fight with it and got away with it, but it took me about a solid hour! It was steep rolling into the deep, which doesn’t really translate in the photos.

Bisho did it the fastest

Muddy had the goofy line dialed

Brighty went to war in the thing. Impossible lines constantly. Hefty ollie over the steps.

Rock and roll

I don’t understand how he did them, frontside grinds in the shallow.

R.I.P Kook Pool

Cobras, Creepers and turning 38

Birthdays are somewhat a reflective time. Pushing 40 is slightly confronting when you think about it, and then it passes quickly and you revert back to not really caring. I still wanted to cram a fair bit into my weekend to briefly alleviate that completely washed up feeling. I had to work Saturday and was keen for a fang on The Grim Creepers new mini. The NSC crew and The Grim Creepers share mutual territory but so far it has been all beers, skids and deathmatch free.

The compound entrance came correct



The kitchen had become a tattoo studio for the evening with Ratcorpse on the trigger



Tattoos and acid do mix




It was getting weird



Outside was where it was all happening







I never shoot with flash and I found a crappy one to use for the evening. I kinda blew these shots, but they still tell a story so I would rather share them then delete them




Lexi didn’t seem to care that the heavy dew had made the ramp far too slippery to skate. He did a stationary kickflip from the platform into the ramp. He rolled in from the roof, didn’t land it after several punishing attempts and then did it switch! So sorry I blew it with the capture. You get the idea





I called it a night and went home to rest up for a mission to sunny Melton the next day. It was a bust lately so we missioned up the creek.


Cobras are native to the area. They kept popping up everywhere. Jerks


It is such an epic spot. Photos don’t do it justice. It is way bigger and intimidating in person.



Everyone got some. I always try and get a photo of everyone on the mish, unfortunately not the case this time. I was having too much fun.

Matt the ripper



Cunnaz popped onto the big log


Dr Anger nosepicked it




Gez was on the trigger for a few shots. Did well son!


Old man doing simple things poorly. Marty and Gez on the trigger respectively


No comply


Marty got some


Brighty always rips





We hit the surprisingly fun Melton park and then some crew came to mine for a BBQ. Derek and Jamie made my an epic cake with donuts and dinosaurs and my beautiful wife had the nibbles and salads ready to go.


I took Monday off and drove through the mountains and skated Balnarring by myself. Such a fun bowl.


And then caught up with my nephew Archie, whose birthday is 3 days before mine and my brother, who has the same birthday as me. Archie’s Mum and Grandma got him an epic sundae and he was pretty stoked.


An afternoon with Nick Bright

I thought it might be good to show the casual destruction that occurs on just a regular session with Nick. All these photos were in a few tries at most. No fuss, no showboating or testers….just throwing down. Meadow Heights bowl and then Fawner

nick bright


blunt nick bright

Popping out of a blunt every try

Cunnaz tim cunneen nick bright

So Cunnaz and Nick thought this would be fun! Back tail & Blunt

nick bright beanplant

This is heavy. Not even plugged! Beanplant to fakie

nick bright fs rock

First try on the extension

nick bright tailbone

Flapping out a Frontside tailbone

nick bright fawkner

And then we went to Fawkner for a wind down. Krook bonk on ungrindable terrain

nick bright

The pop out on the K bonk! Stylin’