Respect Where Due Revisited: Tim “Cunnaz” Cunneen

I reckon it’s about time I did a few more of these. The last one on Cunnaz was 5 years ago. Has old mate slowed down? No chance. Sure, he has a spawn now, but fatherhood has not taken the fizz out of his Fanta fuelled veins. It is rad to see him embrace his new role as well.

The “Respect Where Due” articles were really about giving a nod to the underground rippers. Those skaters that everyone respects, that throw it down during the session, time after time. Most of these photographs are from our recent New Zealand trip you can check out here.

Cunnaz absolutely slayed it. Ten days on the road, ripping it up every single spot. Damn good road company too, keeping the yarns and vibes rolling along as we chalked up the kilometres.

I’ll let the images do the talking, and endeavour to keep these going.

This hip was a really harsh blend, old crusty west coast battered concrete. Steep as. Blasting after ten days straight.

Hucking a solid melon in Wanaka, before cooling off in the river. Les Hiddins attire.

It took me a million goes to chicken scratch here. Go there, it’s fucked. Back tail that would have to be an NBD

Back d’s on lock. How’s the serenity?

This think is jacked. No idea how he got into that bit. Pitted.

An afternoon with Nick Bright

I thought it might be good to show the casual destruction that occurs on just a regular session with Nick. All these photos were in a few tries at most. No fuss, no showboating or testers….just throwing down. Meadow Heights bowl and then Fawner

nick bright


blunt nick bright

Popping out of a blunt every try

Cunnaz tim cunneen nick bright

So Cunnaz and Nick thought this would be fun! Back tail & Blunt

nick bright beanplant

This is heavy. Not even plugged! Beanplant to fakie

nick bright fs rock

First try on the extension

nick bright tailbone

Flapping out a Frontside tailbone

nick bright fawkner

And then we went to Fawkner for a wind down. Krook bonk on ungrindable terrain

nick bright

The pop out on the K bonk! Stylin’