Mild in the Streets 46: The Pandemic years

Blogging eh? Blogs are pretty much extinct. Sure it is unpopular however this is as close to a diary as I ever had, albiet public. I like to see how people in my life are doing, and to see what people I find interesting are up to, but social media is a social cancer for the most part. It is getting worse, and the pandemic supercharged the awfulness of it. So by all mean sneer at my persistance with blogging (once or twice a year in reality)…it is undeniably a better medium than any other social media. Bring it back I say!

Since turning 40 I try to get a few humble tricks that aren’t too embarrassing and use my birthday as a deadline. The whole purpose of it, in all entirety, is to try and push myself. It is an intrinsic motivational tool. I have missed the last few birthday deadlines (last one is

Unsurprisingly, this was 2019 for my 43rd lap. Things went to shit for all of us after that really. To compound this unaudienced pursuit my mate and fellow photographer Duncan Ewington ( left to go live in LA. I suffered a few mischiefs as well. Did a good job on my ankle ( Fractured femur, then was cleaned up good and proper by a car while riding my bicycle to work which saw me undergo 6 months of TAC sponsored therapy. After months of physio I couldn’t hop on or off a 100mm step and honestly thought I might be done with playing skateboards. It is play after all, not to be taken too seriously.

Also, we all had it tough. Motivation, mental health and positivity were brutalised. I was working full time and studying full time, and since completing my architecture degree working two jobs. Throw some heavy family things in the mix as well. Not making excuses we all had a time of it, I’m sure we can all relate to a few challenging years that tested our fortitude like a sparring match with a much stronger opponent. And you are also in fire.

So as grandfather time continues to kick me in the spuds like a metronome run on fusion I am honestly just grateful to still be rolling. Skateboarding is a large part of my identity. Skateboarding (or anything for that matter) doesn’t owe you shit. You have to turn up and be prepared to be disappointed, humbled, humiliated even. It is sometimes painful, always childish and for the most part a foolish pursuit if you measure it in practical terms.

I’ll always do it though, so long as I can walk. Below are some images and a clip of times where I have surprised myself.

I’ll do my best to meet my 47th deadline in May.

Slappy on a sketchy screed by Sky @transitionphotography. Pandemic sex pest beard was a mistake

Wallride to flat. Maybe the only time I wore these pants? Also a mistake? No regerts. @transitionphotography

RIP the Tannery. It was a gem. Curve to bricks (orange bit) @transitionphotography

I did make use of the empty pandemic streets. Ollie up to tuck knee clam rider. Shot by my talented wife @josiejette

Harsh exit front bash. Sensing a no trick these here. By @r0b0p1x

Grinding bluestone feels excellent. Pic by @r0b0p1x

Behold my “part” Witness the Shitness. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

2 thoughts on “Mild in the Streets 46: The Pandemic years

  1. So rad Josh!
    Reading of your past couple years of adversity and still pushing through and getting back on a board, stuff of legends! 🙌
    Congrats on the part!

  2. arrh there you are hiding in my inbox. so great to hear from you even through that reach of so many separate struggles. move well my friend, great words and I hope to catch you before too long,

    ‘So as grandfather time continues to kick me in the spuds like a metronome run on fusion I am honestly just grateful to still be rolling.’ pure that is,

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