Mild in the Streets: 43, It’s all downhill from here

Every year since my 40th birthday I try to get a few skate photos together as a way to motivate myself.

Predominantly street suff, it is always satisfying to ride what was not intended to be skateboarded on.

I have my birthday as the deadline. The aim is to push myself and get something I am not too embarrassed about. It is like an annual time lapse as I turn into Patrick Stewart, but less fabulous.

So, behold, bask in my mediocrity! Is what it is. This is where I’m at.

Thanks as always for Duncan Ewington for shooting the great photographs and sprinkling glitter on this turd!

Threading the needle into a steep slappy. Ewington photograph

Frontside wallride. Ewington photograph

The warm up slappy made a cool image! Ewington photograph

NYE wallie. There is a general theme emerging of just bashing into stuff really. Tom Peden photograph

Beanplant on some 1970’s New Zealand crust. Tom Peden photograph

Backside tail slide. Ewington photograph

Wallie 50-50. Ewington photograph

Ball tampering. Ewington photograph

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