Unfinished business at the desert pipe

It was time to roll the dice and cross state borders again. I was hanging to hit the road and catch up with old mates, shoot a bunch of photos and skate new terrain. I had never been to Adelaide either. Still have not. I had to cut the mission short after a slam and subsequent ankle blow out. Driving 1000kms back to the hospital was brutal and I kept thinking about the next mission after I am back at full throttle. I tried not to be too disappointed as I was amped for this mission and I have had a bit of a shite injury streak, but acceptance of the situation and utilising the experience for future motivation is where I ended up. It is all part of skateboarding and every now and then your bill comes due.

Simon “Sac” Reynolds has a birthday bash out at the pipe every year and I have wanted to go to the pipe since I first saw it. He is a bit of an Aussie punk skate icon and larrikin and even though none of my mates were available I thought I would mission into the desert solo for the shindig. It was his 57th and he was showing no signs of slowing down. On the edge frontside thrusters right up in the menacing beast and hurling out heckles mid run.

The pipe itself is rad. A bit rough in the bottom and a few joins to watch out for but it is intimidating, fast and fun. It is on a slope too, so you pick up speed on the way down and it is long enough to leave you properly out of breath at the end. It is about 3 hours north of Adelaide in the rust-coloured outback, down Wolf Creek vibe dirt tracks and under a railway that hosts kilometre long coal trains that hurtle along with a thunder every hour.

After the session was wound down by the fire with beers and the smell of BBQ and it was a perfect night for this. I did not really know any of the folks, but they were good people, and I am sure I will cross paths with them again. Good vibes all round.

I felt like I didn’t get out of 3rd gear in the pipe before I got broke off, and I was sore as so didn’t take too many photographs. The lighting is pretty harsh, so it is a challenge. I try and usually get a photo of everyone on the session but not this time sorry.

Anyhow, I’ll see you again you bitch of a pipe.

Plenty of cool vehiclular graveyards on the way

The Jimny was loaded up and eager

The silos are pretty cool. I reckon it is time for the artists to get back to their roots though. More interesting and push it a little. Everything is a bit watercolour painting at your nans house or like a tourist tea towel.

I camped by the Murray at Merbien and was treated to quite a sunrise. The birdlife was prolific.

I still had a good 400kms to go to and missed the rendezvous by a good hour. The more I looked at my information about where in the desert this pipe actually was, the more concerned I was that I would be driving around aimlessly for hours. It all worked out though.

Found it!

Michael was a rad didgeridoo player and the resonance in the pipe was pretty awesome

Mick (I think, sorry!) got some. He drew the intricate Dorfus tribute flag as well. Rolling on a Schmit Stix Yard Stick

Was great to see BJ back on board. All style.

Graham AKA Ninja was shredding

I only got half a dozen runs in before getting chewed up

The birthday boy, 57 years young and on a tear. Sac Reynolds

The trusty Beryl. Apparently Sac rolled her in the pipe one year

The fire cranked and I popped the cherry of my new camp oven. Cooking with a shovel is rad. I’ll keep working on my stew game.

The drive back sucked and I waited 4 hours in the hospital. Xrays came back clear!

I’ll be back to finish off my unfinished business next year. Hopefully I can russle up a few Victorians for the trip it is worth the long haul. An epic bucket list spot for sure.

Young Bohdi manhandled the pipe all day and night. Should have snapped more photos of him! This caveman in is a worthy ender to the post for sure.

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