Carriages of Chaos: A send off for Cunnaz

It is kinda bittersweet sending off Cunnaz. The crew are happy for him and wish him all the best, but he is a huge part of our lives. He is the bonding agent and initiator, and once the mission, session or event is underway his energy is unmatched. First man started last man standing every session. Throwing down and getting broke off, getting back up and pushing hard out at the obstacle that just tried to snap him. There will be a void at the sessions we just can’t mitigate. This was a clip thrown together from a really memorable day, a fitting send off. Started at 11am and winding up late into the night, catching the train as a crew and laughing pretty much the whole time. Looks like I am going to have to head to the South Island a fair bit from now on!

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