Respect Where Due : Matt “The Mayor” Green

My estimate is 1987. That was the period of history where The Mayor thought to himself “Yep, this will do just fine.” This does not just relate to a shape of board or a style of shoe, this relates to a Style itself. The way the trick is performed, the sound of the thwack when the Rock n Roll is decked, the rawness and the flow. There is the attitude based around respect and paying dues as much as it is around shredding.

Matt and I share a fence. I had a appendicitis the first new years eve in my house and was not up for a party. I was stoked to be kept awake by Black Sabbath being cranked well into the morning. Since then becoming very close mates with Matt and Clare has been great. It reminds me of being a teenager having your skate rat neighbour knocking at your door. The attire is period correct to my teenage memories too.

So, yeah. Respect where due to The Mayor.

Playing Hank Williams amongst other things on the back of a truck


Front rock on his municipality


You can hear it yeah?




Decking her proper


Committed angles






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