Respect Where Due : Tim “Cunnaz” Cunneen

When Cunnaz drops in it’s on. No matter how heavy the spot or how many beers he has put away he is going to throw down. Always keen to hit the road with Trevor in one hand and a chilly bin in the other, a ripper one liner and a sense of adventure.

These photos are of skateboarding done powerfully, solidly and at full speed.

Cunnaz with his best mate Trevor


Frontside nosebluntslide the length of the top


Backside kickflip the cut out


Blasting the Fawkner hip. Lien melon


I was on the wrong side when he just threw this out mid run. Don’t mind the angle. Back tail


Frontside nosegrind


If you went to this place you know how gnarly this is.


Back disaster on the Eaglehawk over vert


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