Magaranch Opening

Jesse Beaumont had been on the tools for a few months leading up to the opening of the recently rebuilt Megaranch. We managed to get a pass due to all his hard work. Cheers! We were down that way in Leongatha camping and skateboarding to celebrate Dan’s 40th. I didn’t snap any photos the whole camping trip unfortunately, I was having too much fun!

It was also the opening of the megaranch, and the owner’s 40th. It is in the middle of nowhere, however one of the neighbours complained so the whole thing had to be moved. Peter Wilson built the massive structure for his son Keefer and daughter Aaliyah, and for the wider Australian skate community. It was a massive undertaking originally as it was. It then had to be pulled down and rebuilt after a lengthy court battle.

A few of the crew padded up and rolled in from the landing to the 27ft quarter and let me tell you, it was terrifying. I knew when Cunnaz was struggling to keep it tidy on the flat I was going to have a few issues, I’ve never seen him out of his depth on a skateboard! I had half a dozen kickturns in I left it to the crew that knew what they were doing!

I only had the camera out for half an hour and didn’t really shoot the gap. Maybe another time.

Thank you to the Wilson family for their hospitality and for making this amazing resource become a reality. In the years to come this facility will change the lives of the next generation of skateboarders that ride it.

It is a bohemouth!

The “resident kid” Keefer, blasting for hours in the heat.

His younger sister Aaliyah was clearing the gap all day

Tom was shredding, another young kid with a big future.

Tas’ boy Billy was clearing the gap and giving it more than us old NSC blokes!

Fink about to drop in. Riding this beast on quads looked terrifying!

Renton is always incredible to watch, he has been in excellent form lately. Weird trick to shoot but this is a bigspin (540′ shuv it)

Not a pivot or bonk, this is a nosegrind…on a 27 foot quarter

Tas warming up with a stylin’ grind

Backside air, blasting

RJ was looking relaxed. Like he was skating a backyard mini. He has been in the top five of Australian transition destroyers for a decade now. That’s a big call I know. I doubt anyone that has witnessed him with his foot flat on the accelerator would disagree. This bail shows how full on the tick is and the high stakes. That coping has no platform either!

Beach Burrito+Pistonhead Bowl sessions

The Beach Burrito and Pistonhead bowl is now finished, and the restaraunt and bar is open. The service, food and vibes are awesome, drop in for a visit.

There was quite a while there where the bowl was finished, but due to some beuracracy they couldn’t pick up tools to finish the restaurant. Rj had a key and discretionary powers to have a few sneaky closed door sessions. I was fortunate to attend a few. I only got my camera out at one due to gear issues and wanting to roll myself.

It’s an intimidating bowl, super gnarly. The Team Pain crew have poured a beast fitting of their name. Some serious shredders struggled to drop in, and people got properly worked. There has been some whining from skaters thinking they are entitled to have a roll and critical of the owners selective policy. When you see the thing you will understand why. It’s a business, and a private pool. The owners shouldn’t be responsible for scraping out overconfident punters from the bottom of the bowl.

All I can say is I am grateful to have had the oppourtunity for these closed door sessions. The vibe was rad and the crew stepped up to the plate and got some. No one walked away without copping a hiding! Honourable mention to Nick “War Machine” Bright who takes care of business in this thing.

Everyone I have met and dealt with that is connected to the business is rad. I wish them well with their venture. If the opening is anything to go by I reckon it will go off.

Bisho rips this thing


Lexi is the wildest of wildcards. You can’t really ask him to re do a trick and you have to run around the bowl trying to predict what he will do next, which is impossible. Varial boneless from the step into the deep


Nollie into the shallow. He kickflipped and switch rolled in too! Landed in the vert on all


Ollie from the bar area step INTO the hip. Yep!


Matt feebs over the steps. Every line leads you into the steps, you can hear them laugh at you when they crunch you


Seany picking his nose where few will ever dare. The face tells the story


Shoota was mid chemotherapy at this session. You could see it was taking it’s toll, but he was skating like a man possessed. Full length, full speed.


He wouldn’t let this slob beat him, he really had to work for it. Absolutely blasted it


This is Rj’s bowl. This bloke and that dude will come and do this and that, but it’s his damn bowl. No one gets the speed and lines in there like him. Crailslide


Full noise lien to tails


All class on them smiths



Proper stalefish’s every time.


It’s open now, so go get some. Photo not mine. If you are fortunate enough to skate the pool, good luck!



I have been having a lack of inspiration with the old bail cannon lately, skating a lot, just not wanting to get the camera out. I thought I better get back in the mood as we have a heavy weekend of radical adventures ahead.

Five blokes one dog squeezed into a Forester and we hit the long, boring, straight road. I only got the camera out for about 20 minutes, this is a few of the manoeuvres that ensued.

Duncan krooks nose grizzle on a steep tight bank


It was Jesse’s welcome to Melbourne, so out of kindness we let him be designated driver. Lengthy 5-0 to fakie


Krooks to noseslide revert, gotta figure out the animated gifs


Full entension, full flight boneless


Tom was full of finesse, backside flip


Cunnaz ended up having a massive slam at the end of this roll, bounced back of course! Heavy back fiddy on the sub box



Grind from the steps to the drop


Pretty amped for the weekend!

Cobras, Creepers and turning 38

Birthdays are somewhat a reflective time. Pushing 40 is slightly confronting when you think about it, and then it passes quickly and you revert back to not really caring. I still wanted to cram a fair bit into my weekend to briefly alleviate that completely washed up feeling. I had to work Saturday and was keen for a fang on The Grim Creepers new mini. The NSC crew and The Grim Creepers share mutual territory but so far it has been all beers, skids and deathmatch free.

The compound entrance came correct



The kitchen had become a tattoo studio for the evening with Ratcorpse on the trigger



Tattoos and acid do mix




It was getting weird



Outside was where it was all happening







I never shoot with flash and I found a crappy one to use for the evening. I kinda blew these shots, but they still tell a story so I would rather share them then delete them




Lexi didn’t seem to care that the heavy dew had made the ramp far too slippery to skate. He did a stationary kickflip from the platform into the ramp. He rolled in from the roof, didn’t land it after several punishing attempts and then did it switch! So sorry I blew it with the capture. You get the idea





I called it a night and went home to rest up for a mission to sunny Melton the next day. It was a bust lately so we missioned up the creek.


Cobras are native to the area. They kept popping up everywhere. Jerks


It is such an epic spot. Photos don’t do it justice. It is way bigger and intimidating in person.



Everyone got some. I always try and get a photo of everyone on the mish, unfortunately not the case this time. I was having too much fun.

Matt the ripper



Cunnaz popped onto the big log


Dr Anger nosepicked it




Gez was on the trigger for a few shots. Did well son!


Old man doing simple things poorly. Marty and Gez on the trigger respectively


No comply


Marty got some


Brighty always rips





We hit the surprisingly fun Melton park and then some crew came to mine for a BBQ. Derek and Jamie made my an epic cake with donuts and dinosaurs and my beautiful wife had the nibbles and salads ready to go.


I took Monday off and drove through the mountains and skated Balnarring by myself. Such a fun bowl.


And then caught up with my nephew Archie, whose birthday is 3 days before mine and my brother, who has the same birthday as me. Archie’s Mum and Grandma got him an epic sundae and he was pretty stoked.


Respect Where Due : Matt “The Mayor” Green

My estimate is 1987. That was the period of history where The Mayor thought to himself “Yep, this will do just fine.” This does not just relate to a shape of board or a style of shoe, this relates to a Style itself. The way the trick is performed, the sound of the thwack when the Rock n Roll is decked, the rawness and the flow. There is the attitude based around respect and paying dues as much as it is around shredding.

Matt and I share a fence. I had a appendicitis the first new years eve in my house and was not up for a party. I was stoked to be kept awake by Black Sabbath being cranked well into the morning. Since then becoming very close mates with Matt and Clare has been great. It reminds me of being a teenager having your skate rat neighbour knocking at your door. The attire is period correct to my teenage memories too.

So, yeah. Respect where due to The Mayor.

Playing Hank Williams amongst other things on the back of a truck


Front rock on his municipality


You can hear it yeah?




Decking her proper


Committed angles