NSC X GC Peninsular lurking

Trying to get ourselves sorted and organised for a skate weekend away is a nightmare in logistics. It’s like herding cats, but the cats in zero gravity and there are biscuits floating everywhere to distract them.

We finally got our shit together and made some loose plans, stocked up the chilly bins and leaned heavily on Bristol Nick to take care of our infrastructure and resources. He stepped up to the plate superbly.

We were all having such a great time that we didn’t take heaps of photos. Duncan (@ewigram) and Tom Peden (@tommypeden) and I pooled our photos. Make sure you follow them on insta if you don’t already. Tom was injured, hence why there are no handsome back tail photos.

I won’t babble on as there is a load of photos to get through.

First stop, the underrated Chelsea. Now with shade sails


Heaps of rad stuff happened, and my meh grind on the skinny extension. Photo @ewigram

josh extension grind_duncan ewington photosm

Then we had a mellow session at Mt Eliza under lights, cooked up, drank up and camped next to the bowl.


After a 6:30am swim we had a leg stretcher. Mudguts barefoot barging


And a decent length backside lipslide into the hip


Heckle area warmed up before we moved on


The heckling continued




Pearcedale is so fun, yet snaps everyone off. Everytime. Jesse smiths


Mudguts got loose



Duncan lapped one. @tommypeden photo. Cracker of a shot!

Duncan rock n Roll (1 of 1)sm

@ewigram shot these next four bangers. Cunnaz Liened one as a gnarly transfer

tim lien to tail piercedale_duncan ewington photosm

Gez rocked @ewigram photo

gez rock n roll piercedale_duncan ewington photosm

Dan slid one through the tight corner. @ewigram photo

dan rockinroll slide piercedale_duncan ewington photosm

Mudguts rolled into the harshness @ewigram photo

matt roll in piercedale_duncan ewington photosm

We then hit a little park called Sommerton. Cunnaz always wants moar Slayer


Jesse has the best long as five-0 to fakies


And switch 5-0’s


Chris step off finger flip


Ducky worked super hard to clear this gap. He had it in him, but didn’t get it. So damn close!


He got retribution with this nosegrind pop out. @tommypeden photo

Ducky nose grind (1 of 1)sm

Mudguts played all weekend. Crail


Got the gap in his efforts to set a fire under Ducky. They amped each other up


We set off for the paradise that is Balnarring

The flat bank triangle is rad. Dan with a backside heelflip @tommypeden photo

Street Morris BS Heelflip (1 of 1)sm

Cunnaz with a kicky to fakie @tommypeden photo

Cunnaz Kickflip (1 of 1)sm

I did a no-comply @tommypeden photo

Josh No Comply (1 of 1)sm

and a tail block. @tommypeden photo

Josh Tail Block (1 of 1)sm

Chris lapped a front rock proper @ewigram photo

chris fs rock balnarring_duncan ewington photosm

As did Bristol @tommypeden photo

Bristol front rock n rozza (1 of 1)sm

Mudguts nosegrab. First and last man rolling for the 12+ hour day. @tommypeden photo

Mat Nosegrab (1 of 1)sm

Duncan with a switch frontside shuv @tommypeden photo

Baron SWFS Pop Shuv (1 of 1)sm

Punkpete shut it down with this banger over the gap

Pete Channel Gap (1 of 1)sm

And at the wee hours of the morning we polished off the last of the whiskey and hit the hay @tommypeden photo

Campsite (1 of 1)sm

Cheers for the great times gents!

Spot Check:Deer Park (Vic)

Our crew like mix the terrain up a bit. Backyard mini this week, crusty old bowl the next followed by a session at a DIY. It takes us to some fun areas to lay a few skids. I thought I should do a few spot checks, to shine a light on some of the neglected gems out there.

I’m from a generation that would spend hours at a skatepark that most wouldn’t get out of the car for nowadays. You see, there just wasn’t many parks. Poor quality, limited options. We are so spoilt for choice, particularly in Melbourne. The flaws in some of the older parks are what make them so fun and challenging. The bark of neglected coping, as the rust is gouged back with Indy’s. The cracks to avoid, the lurkers to not make eye contact with and inevitable shittily drawn dicks. Deer Park has all of the above. It is a rad little bowl to get a session going at. Why not make a 3 park day of it with throwing Taylors Hill and Rosehill into the mix? Go check it out and let me know what you reckon.

Gould St, Deer Park, Melbourne, VIC (at the oval near the corner of Station Rd and Neale Rd)





The punk wall is a cool feature. You can transfer from the kickers behind it. Kane King schlooping into a long no-comply tallslide


Duncan Ewington with a Joeless One


Matt had the lines dialed. Back D on the tight line to the pool coping extension


Matt “Ole Mudguts” noisily feebling the pool coping


Respect Where Due: Dr Anger

Dr Anger is a unique chap. A talented skateboarder, artist and casual nudist. Old mate can party. He will out party you. While you are passed out he will still be naked wrestling men in the street long into the night, with half ruined speed dealer sunnies and nothing else.

Don’t let the exterior fool you. Despite looking like he belongs in The Thunderdome brandishing a knife and a saxaphone he is a thoughtful and considered bloke. Truth be known, he is a bit of a softy, and would do anything for his mates.

So, respect where due, and vale Dr Anger

Love tonic


Back crail in his undies


Getting all fast plant


Seatbelt fastened at Meadow Heights


Backside boneless at The Ring of Fire. The Dr put a lot of the hard yards in on resurrecting this place


Nose pick a hefty log at Melton


Cuntry Fangin’ Part Two: Tamworth Cuntry Music Fest

I’m out at my favourite country pub, Healesville Hotel, enjoying a quiet beer by myself. It has been hectic, properly hectic, since I came back from Tamworth. I’ve started University whilst still working 50+ hour weeks, plus trying to buy a bush property and all the other crap that entails. On top of this I have been spending a bit of time trying to get the right man for the job to fix my beast, as Cunnaz, Trev, Duncan and I were caught in one hell of a hailstorm on the way to Tamworth.

So, in short, life gets in the way sometimes and you don’t have enough hours in the day to get blogging.

It’s bittersweet looking through the photos. I didn’t take any of Dad and Robyn and they looked after us so well, they need to be in here. We awoke to a breakfast cooked with ingredients fresh from the garden, which is awesome when you were spending every evening on the beers. It is bittersweet too as I need another holiday already, and I am so keen to hit the road and blow off all my responsibilities.

There is sweet fuck all chance of that happening for a while!

After Millthorpe we had a leg stretcher at Bathurst.



Cunnaz danced on the rainbow


Duncan hazard plant


Corner schloop. Thanks Duncs for the photo


We then arrived at my old home town, Tamworth. It is a backwards and disfunctional kind of place, but once a year they get their shit together and hold a Country Music Festival. There is an over abundance of soft rock style horrible Country, but if you get lucky you catch some great stuff. We saw a few great jug bands, hillbilly rock bands and rockabilly stuff. It is well worth the trip. We even caught Chad Morgan before he dropped off the perch! 84 and still as dirty as hell. We saw mini pig racing, lady Hummer pull (not as dirty as it sounds) and a tonne of really bad tattoos. Everyone wants a chat, which we got amongst. I’ll go again next year. We tried to hit the infamous ditch and full pipe, but there was major construction work with throw you in the lock up kind of security.



We drank a lot, and washed away our hangovers swimming in the river


Troy and his daughter Anaky live down the road and have a rad shed. We sweated it out in there! I’ve known Troy since I was in high school and it was really great to catch up


Troy is building an epic VW drag ute. Nope the Cosworth won’t be going in it, peripheral ported rotary


Anaky is rad, she heckled everyone hard out right from the get go!


Duncan was in his element


Texas door clanger


Duncan took these, boneless one


Pop shuv footplant


Troy fast plant




Cunnaz always has got to end the session


We can’t gangsta


Then we hit the old skatepark. Man it needs a re do! We all got stuck in. I had a testicle related slam which took me out, I was really keen to have a roll with the homies. Another old mate Ricky came down with his family, it was cool to see all their kids hanging out at the park and having a roll.

This photo sums up the session really. Ricky was ripping. Damn good to catch up


Committed angles


Rad ones of these






He builds rad motorbikes and his ute is pretty damn sweet



Troy laid back


Long lislides






Cunnaz had to shoot off for the weekend to propose to his missus. You sure could tell it was the last skate he was going to get in for a while! He always kills it, but he absolutely ripped

Feebs to fakie




Arty nose manny into the sunset






Backside noseblunt


Oillieng sweet into a frontside nose blunt


Frontside flip!


As always, has to throw the session ender. The worlds highest hubba on the gankiest funbox. Running out of light.


Thanks to Dad and Robyn for putting us up, and Troy, Ricky and their families for being awesome. Thanks to my darling wife Jo for making the long mish up.

Cuntry Fangin’ Part One: Millthorpe Bound

For some, chanting mantras brings their mind stillness. Being in the present, not troubling yourself with the future or the past. What is done is done and predicting the future is futile, yet the mind feebly churns over the details like it has relevance. The present, that fleeting moment where your mind is still and content with the task at hand, that my friends is what life is about.

Let’s not sugar coat it, chanting mantras is pretty bloody dull. I’m not alone in having a chuckle at the happy clappers in church getting lost in the evangelical trancendance of hymns. Hey no judgement here it’s just not for me. It’s all a means to an end, being lost in the present. The now. No more no less.

When you are on full boost exiting a corner in a high performance car, launching a motor bike, playing guitar on stage, sparring in boxing, painting or being moved by a musician…you are not thinking about when the gas bill is due. You are transfixed by the concentration of the enjoyable task at hand.

I am fortunate to surround myself with passionate people that grab life by the horns in a variety of ways. Sure, we all get caught in the mundane. Some would argue that physical pursuits are fleeting and temporary, and the consciousness itself should be nurtured. Yeah maybe, but I am no Yogi. I’m sure a full speed, just hanging on grind feels as good as it can get. That is my meditation.

Forgive me, I digress. It was time to escape the task of earning a living and hit the road. This should serve to light a fire under the arse of my skateboarding brethren to come along next time, we could have hit more spots with more crew. We had quality company and some Kms to slay, so we packed our gear and hit the road.

We had a burger and a leg stretch at the border. These drains looked promising, but no dice. Sick graff though


Duncan hit the whippy bits with a front rock


We then arrived at Wagga Wagga. Great chill park


Duncan got to work and embraced his inner Ed T


Duncan snapped a Front Feebs of me

josh fs feeble_ewington photo

Cunnaz manhandled the jersey



Back smith


Old mate shut down the session with a thong clad banger. Huck and exhale!


We stocked the chilly bins and headed for the campsite. A bath in the river and a cook up. Light a fire and tell tall yarns


We awoke in a serene environment…I took old man photographs.



Could have done without the brutal calls of these dicks. Shit birds!



After some internet reconnaissance we headed for Young, which wasn’t even on our radar. Some single lane road fangin’ was had, we even got a little air at one point!


Filled up for gas and went here, it was pretty crap


And then found Young. Behold!


Duncan snagged a Howard grind on a cool obstacle


Feebs in the ripper of a bowl.


duncanportrait copy

I gave the pocket a tickle. Thanks Duncan for the photo

josh smith_ewington photo

The local solitary skater was stoked to have some crew in town!


Trev chilled


And of course, old mate Cunnaz slayed the joint.

Grind up to fiddy, this obstacle was no joke!



Fangin’ over the hip




…and then on to my favourite bowl in NSW. Millthorpe. A tucked away great little food and wine town of about 800 people. The pump track is a hoot, and the bowl just works


Duncan shot these before I had too many beers. The cradle is tight with a waterfall, so fun.

josh cradle carve_ewington photo

No comply

josh no comply_ewington photo-2

Duncan got a couple of publishable photos of Cunnaz here, I missed the action and was happy to heckle

Back 180 up the step up


And Duncan snagged a blunt slide behind the cradle

duncanbluntthis copy

And then it was time to cook up and set up camp for the evening, right next to the bowl. The lightning stayed on the horizon and all was good in the world.



I have been having a lack of inspiration with the old bail cannon lately, skating a lot, just not wanting to get the camera out. I thought I better get back in the mood as we have a heavy weekend of radical adventures ahead.

Five blokes one dog squeezed into a Forester and we hit the long, boring, straight road. I only got the camera out for about 20 minutes, this is a few of the manoeuvres that ensued.

Duncan krooks nose grizzle on a steep tight bank


It was Jesse’s welcome to Melbourne, so out of kindness we let him be designated driver. Lengthy 5-0 to fakie


Krooks to noseslide revert, gotta figure out the animated gifs


Full entension, full flight boneless


Tom was full of finesse, backside flip


Cunnaz ended up having a massive slam at the end of this roll, bounced back of course! Heavy back fiddy on the sub box



Grind from the steps to the drop


Pretty amped for the weekend!