Respect Where Due: Dr Anger

Dr Anger is a unique chap. A talented skateboarder, artist and casual nudist. Old mate can party. He will out party you. While you are passed out he will still be naked wrestling men in the street long into the night, with half ruined speed dealer sunnies and nothing else.

Don’t let the exterior fool you. Despite looking like he belongs in The Thunderdome brandishing a knife and a saxaphone he is a thoughtful and considered bloke. Truth be known, he is a bit of a softy, and would do anything for his mates.

So, respect where due, and vale Dr Anger

Love tonic


Back crail in his undies


Getting all fast plant


Seatbelt fastened at Meadow Heights


Backside boneless at The Ring of Fire. The Dr put a lot of the hard yards in on resurrecting this place


Nose pick a hefty log at Melton


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