Dubbo and the search for full pipes

I was planning on spending the night at my cousin Dans house (and talking his ear off about getting my pilots licence) but I was making good time so we caught up for a beer instead. So from Milthorpe I headed to Molong, Wellington and then Dubbo. I didn’t want to risk driving to Tamworth at dusk as I had seen some huge kangaroos already, but pushed on through some cracking back roads. The roads were Mad Max territory and I was cranking Metallica, there may have been some “settle down there mate” moments.


Dubbo is the pinnacle of Dorfus era Convic parks. Great lines and balls-shrinking-into-your-stomach sized obstacles. It was pushing well into the 35 degree territory, real dry heat, so I got some before I saw little white dots and called it a session.


This is the feature I wanted to push my limited abilities on. After a thorough clean out I tried to get higher frontside in the pipe until I slammed on my back. Laying there, writhing about like a fish on a riverbank I contemplated skateboarding this stuff completely alone, no one in sight. I pictured the local ghetto kids picking up my camera gear and car keys whilst I lay there. It helped me get up off my arse.


I caught up with my old man, driving straight to his touch footy game. At 63 he plays against blokes in their 40’s. They were all top blokes, giving each other crap over a few tinnies. Some of Dad’s mates have started playing bowls. I knew he was keen, but slightly hesitant to get started. We played a game together, which was his first. This year has reinforced the importance of family immensely for me. My older brother Ben and his son Luca played too and we had a couple of beers.


This is where my Nan played. It is the best joint for a beer in Tamworth.


My old man.


I hit the road again in search for something I had been researching.



If you never jumped fences your life would be less fun.


This is usually a good sign.


It was there, and it was egg shaped! 32ft by 26ft. Apparently it is usually dry but they released some water for the farmers coping with the drought (or climate change, for those stupid enough not to link the two) I will have to come back.


Next to it was this bad boy. What a ditch! It was surprisingly smooth. It was on a hill so by the time you reached the bottom you were really fangin’. I did all manner of skids and boneless ones and had a fantastic time.


I was pretty stoked. I’ll be back for you Egg Pipe!


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