Kook Pool

Now I’m not about to enter into the name of the pool or any of that. That is what it was known as. Cheers to those that scoped it out and made it rideable.

Pools in Australia are usually small, bathtub sized transition and pretty difficult to skate. This one was indeed a harsh old matron of a thing. Rough, a bit slippery, tight as fuck… and Shane Macgowan teeth for coping. It was one of the best ones found in Melbourne though for the last decade.

The forecast was grim. Drizzle all day and little hope. As far as I knew it was a goner and we had one day to give it a crack. We gathered the crew and ignored the BOM radar and headed west.

The house was being demolished and was half done. There was no reason for a bunch of us to be filing inside. We aren’t really discrete even when we try! The older Vietnamese neighbours were standing in their front yard as our black vehicles pulled in and tattooed up skateboarders emerged.

Somehow, the newspapers did the job and we got some. The pool lasted a lot longer than expected. The workmen dropped in to say g’day a couple of times without any worries.

Precision drying tools

The drizzle ceased and the session commenced

Getting over the light was the first order of business. Chris


There’s going to be a lot of frontside grind photographs. It is the best feeling trick and charging one in a backyard pool is one of the best feelings ever on a skateboard. Getting one in this pool is no joke. It was super tight and loads of vert. Bristol fought for it and won.

Tom Rees, full power

There are few that make skateboarding look as good as Anton Jeandet. Barging through three or four pavers.

Cunnaz is always going to give it a solid nudge

Pivot on a serious amount of vert

Threading a line through the top step and jagged pavers was super difficult. I had a street fight with it and got away with it, but it took me about a solid hour! It was steep rolling into the deep, which doesn’t really translate in the photos.

Bisho did it the fastest

Muddy had the goofy line dialed

Brighty went to war in the thing. Impossible lines constantly. Hefty ollie over the steps.

Rock and roll

I don’t understand how he did them, frontside grinds in the shallow.

R.I.P Kook Pool

Country Creepin’ part one: Jugiong and Wollongong

Am I an angry fellow? I think not. With the weight of making small talk with people I don’t know, or care to learn about, I get a little feisty. I spend a lot of hours a week doing this. It’s a part of my life I am rectifying mind you. I’m not about to unleash and start beating people about the head, but internally the scenario does play out.

I’m ok…Really I am.

It is remedied by hitting the road. Once the car is packed I exhale, feel a little lighter. I turn over the ignition and head north. I’ve got 3000kms of well chosen back roads and destinations in a capable beast. It is always a lonesome feeling kissing the wife goodbye, but she isn’t fond of spending the days at skateparks and then sleeping by the river. I sure am. Solitude is good for the conciousness anyhow.

I booted through to Jugiong, to camp by the Murrumbidgee.



I met Col, and he showed my his travelling companion. He has owned this vehicle for 35 years. It was no show car, but i couldn’t see a ding or imperfection.



I drifted off to sleep due to a mixture of Hank Williams and good shiraz. Swags are the way to travel. You can still see the stars before you drift off.


I headed towards Wollongong via the Macquarie Pass

maqpass111 copy

I caught up with one of my oldest and best mates Tim. We first rode skateboards together in an abandoned metal halfpipe made for industrial forming of concrete. We were 12. We turn 40 this year. It’s always so good to heckle each other and have a schralp. We meet up at Berkley



It is a fun park, but overrun by ratty scooter kids. I ended up having a run in with a bogan mum after trying to teach her kid some etiquette. It is killing skateparks, the culture has outlived them and is under threat. It ruined our skate a little, but we still had fun. Tim on the trigger


Front feebs


It was so hard to get four wheels on this thing. Tim got some


Tim’s wife Clem cooked up great food for us and I lurked the beach. We then hit Helensburg. It was a early 2000’s park, super fun lines. There ended up being quite the session. The Witchcraft team rocked up and destroyed it. So much stuff went down on the big vert wall to bank, I wasn’t going to poach photos


I got a tail block before the rain on the steep roll in.


And this chap did effortless textbook front rocks. I’ll find out who he is! He was from Spain


The Mayor’s 40th Beerday Convoy & RJ is a wild man

So on Saturday night The Mayor celebrated his 40th rotation around the sun with a shindig at his joint. After quite a few deep fried chillies and large amounts of liquor he finished up about 6am. I had informed him that there was no buffer zone for the 12:30 departure well in advance at about 2am. Anyway he was a little worse for wear and a little late for departure despite living next door.

The mini guitar copped quite a workout.


We made it to the first destination, Barwon Heads. There was quite a session going with some of the younger bowl dogs in fine form.


He perked up…


…and got some



The peanut gallery was heckle heavy


Duncan got wild with a Danger Plant


I love rolling with Chico. I didn’t get any pics of him skating unfortunately. I can’t remember why but here is a photo of his tits


I would have turned this into a “Respect Where Due” on Rj but this is just him doing his thing. It’s not even him at 70%, just him casually destroying stuff. Stay tuned I am sure a proper feature will be up before to long on something much more worthy than my pissweak blog.

I’m so psyched to see Rj full throttle at Bondi. He is an animal. Ollie from the hip into the no flat U pipe


I’m in the wrong spot but it is a fangin’ smith


Hooking a large fish into the U pipe


Flapped out tail grab


Invert in a killer run, just ripping.


Then we went to Corio. Matt was a grom hitting this place up and had a few good tales about it. It is like a cheese grater, haggard, bitter and vengeful.


Sizing her up


Bristol Getting some


Chico with a face of “what the”


Dan getting some proper length skids


Duncan left his camera bag on my wheelie bin out the front of my joint. It was recovered safe and sound luckily. He borrowed my camera for a bit. Here is me having a gouge


Dan was hooking into these rad exits. All four through the harsh



This is a shot of Duncan’s I edited slightly. It’s a DNL, I am posting it to encourage/heckle Matt for a rematch with it. He has it on a good day, refer to photo one.


In the wrong spot again. An air where so few have aired


No worries at all on this beast of a back disaster. Perfect style.


A gem of a photo with Duncan on the trigger. Powerful Crail


Danger in


Duncan on the trigger with Rj doing Neil Blender justice on a Lien to Tail


Ollie, this is craziness.


I am very grateful for my mates.


We got a good thing going on