On the road to Wendover

We hit the road for Wendover for the Bonneville Speed trials on the salt flats. It was called off at the last minute unfortunately, but we ended up in the best dive bar ever. I’m keen to go again.

I was disappointed as I had arranged an exhibition based upon work for the event. It is always good to look at the positives, I will take better shots with another year under my belt.

The small towns of the USA are in trouble, big trouble. Everything is boarded up, repossessed or abandoned. What isn’t is for sale.







We awoke at sun rise, talked to the man in the hotel that was exactly the same as Bubbles from Trailer Park boys and fuelled up on coffee. Jonny Cash was cranked, cruise control set and I hit the 1000kms to Portland. Nothing quite like a long drive to untangle the mind. The speed limit was a healthy 80 miles an hour, so I set the cruise for 90 and began crushing the miles.



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