The best week of my life part one : Bux

I wasn’t too keen on a Bux, but with a little encouragement we threw one together. It was going to be nice weather so we gathered the crew and headed down the Peninsular. Beer always helps, and there was rules. Cans only, tape your next to your last.

First stop was Mt Eliza. Cunnaz tucked one into the deep. Tom Peden photo.


I was taking it super easy. I was so worried about axing myself right before the wedding and blowing it. I cruised around on some 80’s style setup. Carve grind. Photo Tom Peden


Cunnaz Krooks. Tom Peden photo.


Next stop Pearcedale. Photo Tom Peden




Duncan swept


Dan slid lips


Cunnaz front fiddy’d around the corner and yoinked her in


Nick ruled, I only picked the camera up for about 15 minutes and missed it all. Smith


Tom had quite a Wizard Staff by this point. Back smith


Continuing the theme, Seany in the weird elliptical deep.


Nosepick like a boss


We headed to the new park at Balnarring. Its a ripper little spot, with a little pine forest to slither style camp in. After a dip at the beach, we cranked up the lights and the tunes. My brother Hugh drove down from Frankston with a gourmet spread. We might have let off a few fireworks.

All night there were hollers for tape for the next beer or breach repairs.


Jake ollie to smith. Jake broke his collar bone at 4am and we didn’t leave until 3 the next day. Didn’t complain once! Tuff carnt! Tom Peden photo


Cunnaz kicky back tail. Photo Tom Peden


Nick Ollie to fakie and bean plant to fakie, 20 cans into his wizard staff. Photos Tom Peden



These kind of shenanigans continued until 5am when we set up camp, or slept on the pine needles. Tom Peden photo


Duncan with hair of the dog wizardry the next morning. Thankyou for everyone making the trip down and for the good times. Bat Stiffy


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