Mild in the streets: 41.

Since I turned the big four zero last year I thought a good way to motivate my self was to try and get a few skateboarding photographs every year. Now my age has clicked over it has come time to share a few.

So behold, bask in my underwhelming lameness. As time goes onwards these pissweak skateboarding feats will become progressively worse. It will be a timelapse where I slowly morph from a pirate into a wizard. So, unfortunately, this is as good as it is going to get.

Thank you to Duncan Ewington aka @ewingram for the photos. Us grown man grommets help each other to keep the stoke alive. You can call shotgun anytime mate.

A hazard plant on an overnighter to Kerang. Sleeping next to the park with a belly full of beer and BBQ is as good as it gets.

Lexi’s ramp is insane. Seeing him hit it is superhuman shit. The transition to vert ratio is wild.

This is just a go to trick. However, it’s on my backyard ramp and there is nuclear stuff coming out of my arse. Every time I look at my backyard I am reminded that I have awesome mates and that I am still a child. I think this white t shirt phase lasted a week max.

Bucket list stuff. Carving a cake in a backyard pool. This doesn’t look like much but I would say it took a good hour. The struggle is real.

My favourite ramp at Mat’s shed in Kyneton. Rare front feeble.

Slappies are the best. I have wanted to have a crack at this for ages. I’m sure a little bit of wee came out.

Well bugger me I’m 40: Mild in the streets

Why would you do a blog post on your own skateboarding? Well lets face it no one else is going to run these photos. There are vast grades of skateboarding that ranges from pissweak to mind blowing. I am under no illusion to which end of the scale my “skill” lies. But that is largely irrelevant.

Skateboarding is difficult. It doesn’t get easier as the teeth marks of time leave their scars. I have been finding myself staying in second gear a fair bit. I thought with the milestone of 40 hovering on the horizon I should try and get some photos together to push my skateboarding. Enough of second gear, every now and then you have to dump the clutch and sink the boot in.

Thank you to Duncan Ewington (@ewingram) for his patience and for all the photographs. It’s rad to have mates like you keeping the stoke alive.

Same goes for all my extended skate family, particularly the Grim Creepers and NSC crew. Y’all bring the juice to a session. I appreciate it immensely. Nothing better than to hit the road with you lot.

Shout out to my younger brother, and also mentor, Hugh. We share the same birthday. I’ll do a Respect Where Due on him when his broken wrist mends.

I have to thank my gorgeous wife Jo. As I rapidly accelerate through my mid life crisis into old age I couldn’t hope for a better person to share the experience with.

“Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder; not being able to stop skateboarding makes you a skateboarder.” Lance Mountain

No Comply in Collingwood

Josh_no comply to tail_Ewington Photosm

Dodging Friday night St Kilda pedestrains and an awful run up. Slappy

Josh_slappie grind_Ewington Photosm

Pole schloop

Josh_slappie rainbow grind_Ewington Photosm

Why do I look so terrified? Wall ride under the rail line

Josh_wall ridel_Ewington Photosm

This bowl is very difficult. So much fun though! Slash at Bowlriders HQ

Josh_slash grind at bowl riders_Ewington Photosm

Respect where due: Duncan “The Baron” Ewington

Skateboarding is difficult.

As the teeth marks of time leave their scars it gets a little harder. Sometimes you need a grown man grommet to get you off the couch. You need a little encouragement to ditch your responsibilities and go for a roll. Someone who has that spark in their tone of voice when they are embelishing details of a new spot. A mate who is as stoked as their fifteen year old self when they set up a new board, taking a step back to look at it.

Duncan is that mate.

Photographer, tattooist, gardener, Musician, BBQ host and creator of The Cream. He wears many hats.

Above all else, he is a skateboarder.

On one of the many road trips in search of new terrain. Young skatepark is a ripper!


Howard grind at the Uno DIY


Joeless one at Deer Park


No comply after a sesh at Reservoir

duncannocomply copy

Hazard plant at Bathurst


Frontside nose blunt slide at Brunswick, on his birthday yesterday

duncannoseblunt copy

Beach Burrito+Pistonhead Bowl sessions

The Beach Burrito and Pistonhead bowl is now finished, and the restaraunt and bar is open. The service, food and vibes are awesome, drop in for a visit.

There was quite a while there where the bowl was finished, but due to some beuracracy they couldn’t pick up tools to finish the restaurant. Rj had a key and discretionary powers to have a few sneaky closed door sessions. I was fortunate to attend a few. I only got my camera out at one due to gear issues and wanting to roll myself.

It’s an intimidating bowl, super gnarly. The Team Pain crew have poured a beast fitting of their name. Some serious shredders struggled to drop in, and people got properly worked. There has been some whining from skaters thinking they are entitled to have a roll and critical of the owners selective policy. When you see the thing you will understand why. It’s a business, and a private pool. The owners shouldn’t be responsible for scraping out overconfident punters from the bottom of the bowl.

All I can say is I am grateful to have had the oppourtunity for these closed door sessions. The vibe was rad and the crew stepped up to the plate and got some. No one walked away without copping a hiding! Honourable mention to Nick “War Machine” Bright who takes care of business in this thing.

Everyone I have met and dealt with that is connected to the business is rad. I wish them well with their venture. If the opening is anything to go by I reckon it will go off.

Bisho rips this thing


Lexi is the wildest of wildcards. You can’t really ask him to re do a trick and you have to run around the bowl trying to predict what he will do next, which is impossible. Varial boneless from the step into the deep


Nollie into the shallow. He kickflipped and switch rolled in too! Landed in the vert on all


Ollie from the bar area step INTO the hip. Yep!


Matt feebs over the steps. Every line leads you into the steps, you can hear them laugh at you when they crunch you


Seany picking his nose where few will ever dare. The face tells the story


Shoota was mid chemotherapy at this session. You could see it was taking it’s toll, but he was skating like a man possessed. Full length, full speed.


He wouldn’t let this slob beat him, he really had to work for it. Absolutely blasted it


This is Rj’s bowl. This bloke and that dude will come and do this and that, but it’s his damn bowl. No one gets the speed and lines in there like him. Crailslide


Full noise lien to tails


All class on them smiths



Proper stalefish’s every time.


It’s open now, so go get some. Photo not mine. If you are fortunate enough to skate the pool, good luck!